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Tourist Attractions

Lakeland Sławskie

Sławskie Lake lies in central-western Poland on the eastern edge of the Lubuskie Province. Południowobałtyckich in the lake district is the southernmost tip of lake district. Genesis of the landscape of this region dates back to around 20, and is linked to the Baltic glaciation (geologically youngest Polish Lowlands), then the Scandinavian Ice Sheet was arrived at in those areas. Traces of the far-range appoint moraine. The largest lake is Lake Sławskie macro, an area of 829.7 ha. Among the Polish lakes because of the area is on the 39 spot. In the municipality of Fame in addition to Lake Sławski is still nine lakes, namely: Tarnowskie Large, Small Tarnowskie, Błotne, Big Mill (Gluchowski), Little Mill (Stone), Pluszne (Brzezie) Dronickie, Steklno, curves. Area Lakes Sławski occupies 854.67 hectares and a maximum depth of 12.3 m. The lake is supplying Rivers River blueberry and shade. Water region is characterized by a bath of the longest seasons in Poland. Bathing season begins in May and ends in September. The shoreline of the lake is very diverse, as are the numerous bays, peninsulas and islands. Sławskie Lake basin is a very valued by sailors. Around Lake Sławski are located about 40 resorts administrations many beds in rooms ranging from standard and numerous campsites. Each center has a guarded swimming pool, which raises the comfort of rest. Lake Sławskie There are two sailing clubs resilient: LKZ chalkos and Yacht Club. Sailing Club Lubuski them. Mariusz Zaruskiego organizes regattas and sailing courses for children and adolescents. There is a marina, water equipment rental, volleyball and beach location for the fire site. Every year on Lake Sławskie races are held, the most important include: Days of the Sea, Summer Cup, Blue Lake Band Sławski, Mayor’s Cup Regatta Fame.


If you are seeking a variety of opportunities for active leisure, Karpacz offer for you. Many will provide you with unforgettable stroll around the city. On its route should be included church Wang – Pearl twelfth Scandinavian wooden architecture. Recommended your attention the Municipal Museum of Toys. His collection includes more than 2,000 exhibits, donated mainly by Henryk Tomaszewski – creator of the famous Wroclaw Pantomime. The history of the development of sport and tourism in the Giant Mountains, you can see during a visit to the Museum of Sports and Tourism. On hot summer days will cool you, situated next to the lower station of the lift to Kopa, wild waterfall. A perfect place for relaxation can also be forming a small water reservoir dam on the river Lomnica. If you are looking for adrenalin, absolutely should experience excitement of downhill at Poland’s longest summer toboggan run or a bobsleigh track alpine “Alpine – Coaster.” You can spend a pleasant time in the tendons located on the border of western and Karpacz Town “At Goat Rock.” No doubt you Cambon atmosphere prevails in the Wild West, with a little luck the visitor can see a real sheriff, be witness to the spectacle, “bank robbery” or “Indian Raid.” Faced with walls 25 meters Raven Rocks, know the beauty of rock climbing. Visiting Karpacz and the surrounding area on two wheels has become an increasingly fashionable form of recreation. The bike you can easily hire a diverse and attractive routes are waiting for you. Equally interesting and actively spend time using the available in the town tennis courts.


The Tatras are the highest party in the West Carpathians mountain range. The length measured from the Tatra Mountains Pass Huciańskiej which measures 900 meters the eastern foothills of Kobylí Peak, and accurately Pass Zdziarski, which in turn ma1075 m as the crow flies is 53 km, and closely along the ridge 80 km. The whole area is protected Tatra covered by the Tatra National Park and the global organization of the biosphere. Furthermore, the only one in Poland alpine mountains in the European Natura 2000 network are a special area of conservation of habitats and special bird protection area. 20 and is connected with the Baltic glaciation (geologically youngest Polish Lowlands), then it arrived at the Scandinavian Ice Sheet in these areas. Traces of the far-range appoint moraine. Tatra National Park covering only 0.07% area. Polish is visited by around 3 million tourists annually, which represents approximately 8% of the population. A rich infrastructure of the park (there are many hiking trails, shelters, etc.) could hardly withstand the huge crowds of tourists. Given the very high natural values and the great interest of visitors was introduced admission charges in the area of the park.

Attractions of Lower Silesia

Lower Silesia is the south-western part of the Polish – the west borders with Germany, and in the south with the Czech Republic. As the name suggests, a significant part of the land is situated on a vast, varied here and there gently rolling slopes of the Silesian Lowland. Plains is the crux of the river, the second longest river in Poland, is navigable up to his mouth to the Baltic Sea. However, the parent role in the landscape of Lower Silesia Sudetes play – a mountain range in the southern part of the region stretching from south east to north. west over almost 300 km. Along with his Sudeten foothills are the most interesting and most frequently visited by tourists part of Lower Silesia. Lower Silesia in its history the state has repeatedly changed nationality. It was ruled by Polish, Czech and the Prussian kings, emperors of Austria and German. Also, and inhabitants of these lands have changed over the centuries. Already during the reign of the Piast Polish German colonization began. As a result of the Second World War and border changes in Europe, the German population was forced to leave the Lower Silesia, and in its place came the Poles from different districts of Polish, primarily from lost by the eastern borders of the Republic of Poland. Mixing of peoples and cultures had also left their mark in the image of the earth. Current Province Alberta corresponds conjunction historical overview of the boundaries of the Lower Silesia.